Textile Tour Of Orissa

In this special interest Textile tour in Odisha (Orissa) we have not present here any modern machinery weaving product.

Our year long experience bring us directly to the weavers  and try to presents the different age old traditional textile weaving pattern of our Region Meet the different traditional weavers in different area of our state and , explore their handmade unique weaving technique , use of their natural colors during dyeing and many more to fulfill your tour memorable .

Textile Tour Of Orissa
Textile Tour Of Orissa

At the conclusion of this rich cultural journey one most say Odisha is the queen of all state of India

Area we cover : In our unique Textile Tour in Odisha (Orissa) here we stretch from North to south and East to West part of Odisha.

such as Ikat – (popularly called Tie & Dye – Locally called Bandha) of Mania Bandh & Nuapatna and Katki  in Eastern odisha to Double Ikat in Barpali ,  Bargarh  area and Bomkey of western odisha.

Tribal textile – Habaspuri of Kalahandi, Kerang of Ollar Gadhava , Ringa weaving of Bonda tribes and Famous Kotpadi pattern

Berhampuri and Coimbatory pattern of Southern odisha to Matha Bastra in Northen  odisha.

Tour Duration: 12 Day / 11 Nights

Suggested Itinerary

Day1- Bhubaneswar 

Upon arrival Bhubaneswar airport meet our representative and transfer to hotel .

Pm- if time permit visit the  tribal museum to see the different textile pattern of different tribal community .

Museum open time – 10am to 5pm / Tuesday to Sunday (Monday closed)

Overnight- Bhubaneswar

Day2-Jarka- Jagatsinghpur – Jajpur (4hr drive+visit) 

Morning after breakfast drive towards famous textile village at Jarka meet and greet by the weavers at there  and explore the weaving method of Katki pattern by their own handloom- mostly cotton , at their village)

Weaving Pattern- Katki (cotton)

Overnight– Jajpur

Day3- Jajpur- Fakirpur – Keonjhar (4hr drive+visit) 

Meet the weavers (weavers family 120) and full day excursion over there from cocoon to final sari .

Weaving Pattern: Matha Bastra, (mostly silk)

Overnight– Keonjhar

Day4- Keonjhar- Deogaon- Sambalpur (4hr drive+Visit) 

Morning after breakfast departure to Sambalpur on route visit mulberry plantation area for mulberry worm by the local tribes and meet the Bhumiya tribes at their village too.

Overnight– Sambalpur

Day5- Sambalpur- Barpali- Sambalpur(4hr drive+visit) 

Meet the very special national award weavers and their unique textile weaving at their village at Barpali area .

Weaving Pattern: Sambalpuri (cotton and silk)

Overnight– Sambalpur

Day6- Baidyanathpur- Balangir (3.30hr drive+ visit)

Excursion the unique needle weaving method at Baidyanathpur area near Sonepur (weavers family around 100)

Weaving Pattern: Bomkey (cotton and silk)

Overnight– Balangir

Day7- Chicheguda- Bhawanipatna (3.30hr drive+ visit)

Meet the weavers at chicheguda village and excursion their very special tribal textile pattern popularly called “Habaspuri”

Mostly these weavers making sarees for Kondh tribes of Kandhmal area. And this special sarees it is very special design and mostly the symbol of temple (they called Kumbha)  , fish and flowers

Weaving pattern : Habaspuri (mostly cotton)

Overnight– Bhawanipatna

Day8-  Kotpad- Jeypore (3hr drive+ visit)

Excursion the live tech of tribal textile at Kotpad / meet the national award winner weavers at their village and very special hand made 200yr old loom at there.

Weaving pattern : Kotpadi

Overnight- Jeypore

Day9- Gadhava village- Rayagada (4.30hr drive+ visit)

Meet one of the most colorful Gadhava tribes at their village in Koraput valley, their very special cloth called – Kerang (made by caryota plant fiber)

Weaving pattern : Kerang (now a days only during traditional dance one can see these cloth)

Note- if this day is Thursday then guest can visit one of the most colorful tribes in our county – Bonda/ where one can explore their very special weekly market too. With their special cloth- Ringa / which they sale at their market

Overnight- Rayagada

Day10- Padanavpur- Gopalpur (5hr drive+ visit)

Morning after breakfast drive towards Chikiti area , meet the weavers (more then 100family) at their village – Padanavpur.

Weaving pattern:  Coimbatorry (mostly cotton)

Overnight– Gopalpur

Day 11- Maniabandh- Dhenkanal (5hr drive+ visit)

Meet the weavers at Maniabandh ,  in Baramba area, excursion the live tech of tie and dye process popularly locally called “Bandha”

If desire lunch at the home of national award winner family and see their unique product – which is famous in our country.

Rewind your energy at Dhenkanal royal palace with royal hospitality.

Weaving pattern:  Bandha (ikat)- mostly cotton and silk both

Overnight- Dhenkanal heritage palace

Day12- Departure 

Morning after breakfast at open royal garden check out and departure toward Bhubaneswar airport to board the flight for your on wards journey.

Tour Concludes:

Note: For more detail about the different textile patterns , fabrics , address of national and international award winner weavers  and route please feel free to mail us