Festival Special Orissa

Orissa is very famous for Fair and festival. Each season is surplus festival which extence from coastal plain to tribal festival of South- central Orissa. Out of that here we present some of the festival which is worth to visit and very special / out of that here we present the chariot festival of God Jagannath (which is very famous at Puri and Tribal area) , Dhanuyatra (which is Guinness book of World Record) and Mahima Sadhu (Holy men ) fair at Joranda

Includeing Tribal festival Paraba at koraput , Mandei of Gond, Karja of Soura tribes, Meria festival of Kondh tribes, Gotar Parab of Gadaba tribes, Chait parab and Susu gige of Bonda tribe , Karama puja in Santal tribe etc