Ladakh tribal tour for Photographer

Tour code: DT-801-LTTS- 2023

Ladakh – the land of high passes- marks the boundary between the peaks of the western Himalaya and the vast Tibetan plateau. We focus this special interest Ladakh tribal tour to keep in mind for the anthropologist to human culture interest photographers / in our below given tribal tour of ladakh itinerary here we focus the real culture and isolated villages and areas of Khampa tribe Tos Kar region, Changpa tribe of Changthang region, Brokpa (Aryan tribe ) of Dard region and try to excursion the real culture , custom , ancient saltements , music and dances, food habitant etc.
Our local team help you to interact more with the tribes and flexible during your trip.

Best time to visit the Photography tour in Ladakh- June to September

what you bring with you : Camera- woolen cloth for use- torch light during camping- water bottle- medicine

what we provide: During camping we provide tent with mattress- dinner during camping- taxi with all sightseeing- guide on request- permit paper – commitment what we committed to you

Suggested itinerary

Day1- Delhi- Leh
Upon arrival Leh airport meet our representative and transfer to hotel / if time permit visit the old part of leh town such as Santi stupa, Leh market / and interect with our guide regarding berief of tour program.
Overnight- Leh

Day2- Leh- Tos Kar (4hr drive+ visit)
Morning after breakfast proceed to Tos Kar region / check in a camp.
Pm- visit the Kampa tribe area / Photography and back to camp.
Overnight- Tos Kar ( camping- swiss tent)

Day3- Tos Kar – Tos- Moriri (3hr drive+ visit)
Early standup and meet again the Kampa people at the nomadic camp site (early morning light is best for photography)
Then proceed to Tos Moriri / check in a clean comfort swiss camp
Overnight- Tos-Moriri (camping- swiss tent)

Day4- Tos-Moriri- Changtang- Tos Moriri (4hr drive + visit)
Early standup and drive towards Changtang region meet the Changpa tribe at their natural camping carnval . full day photoshoot at there and back to Tos Moriri.
Overnight- Tos-Moriri (camping- swiss tent)

Day5- Tos-Moriri- Leh (7hr drive)
Visit the Karzon village/ see the activities of the classic people at there photoshoot and then back to leh.
Overnight- Leh (Hotel)

Day6- Leh- Aryan valley(6hr drive+ visit)
Morning after early breakfast drive towards Aryan valley
Check in a nice camp site at there.
Pm- meet my friend Aryan tribal cheap at his village/ also photography at the village with the help of our local tribal guide
Overnight- Aryan village (camping- swiss tent)

Day7- Aryan village tour (full day)
Meet the Aryan people at the specific different Aryan villages/ (the local Aryan boy is my friend who know our team (driver and guide) and will accompanying with you to interact with the people for photography /if you desire traditional group tribal dance with proper traditional music and custom (organize by us)
Overnight- Aryan village (camping- swiss tent)

Day8- Arayn village- Lamayur monastery (Gompa) – Leh (6hr drive+ visit)
Morning after breakfast check out and drive to Leh and enroute visit the Lamayur Buddhist monastery / explore the lifestyle of Monks (with their traditional lifestyle and custom )
Overnight- Leh (Hotel)

Day9- Leh- Departure
Morning after breakfast check out departure towards to airport with lots of sweet memories.

Tour concludes:

Tribes of Ladakh:

Khampa– There is a state name Kham in Tibet and the people of that state are known as Khampa . and it is believed that they have migrated from that area.
They are more Tibet- mongo lied feature. They are nomadic
They live around Tso Kar (white lake). Who can often seen taking advantage of the summer and moving herds of goats, cows.
Khampas live in large, movable family tents referred to as Chinese cowboys.

Changpa– A very hospitable semi-nomadic Tibet-mongolied featured tribe in changtang region of Ladakh called Changpa ..
Their octangle shaped grand huge thick tent made by goat and sheep skin woven with fur of yak called Rebo . which save the extremely cold weather and snow fall by nature
In the same tent with family and cattle herd they stay along with during winter.
The main sources of income is the fine poshmina goat wool / goat chess , milk

Brokpa (Aryan): The steep bare walls of the Indus river valley of North-western Ladakh give the terraced fields more light and heat than other parts , which , combined with the lower altitude, enables rich crops of Vegetables and fruits (especially apricots) to grow here. The area most famous for its inhabitants, known as “Brokpa” (People of the land)
An ancient they are indo- Iranian race called pure Aryan tribe of the world . very different from Originaly ladakhi people / some historian says that they are the army family of Alexegender the great of Masidonia.
They are tall, light eyed, high cheek bones and fair skinned. The cause of preserve the similar physical a ethnicity from the beginning is due to inter marrying (with in their community).

The traditional custom of these Aryans including elaborate head gear made of flowers called Tepi. Women decorate with nice long metal ear-rings. Very special custom during special occasions like wedding and festival
Festival in Ladakh- Mostly the festival is summer June to sept

Ladakh festival at Leh 1st to 5th Sept.
Aryan festival at Bhima Aryan village End of Aug.
Matho Gompa festival (very special for Monk) at Matho Feb- March
Lamayur Gompa festival at Lamayur July
Note- all the season the very cold weather so during your trip please bring thick woolen cloth with you

You can revised or changed of the above the program accordingly your choice too before finalize.

Note- We are not responsible of any natural disaster during your trip