About Us

We have an efficient , travel loving and dedicated team of hardcore tourism professionals who are passionate about the concept of “Discover the Real India” and committed to provides personalized tour to Individual and small groups seeking classic experience of isolated ethnic villages, Cultures , Dulcimer Tours - Discover the real India fair & Festival , Most of our Tour itinerary is based offbeat destination and special Interest Tour in Odisha (Orissa) and other state of India like Chhattisgarh, Madhyapradesh , Gujarat and Rajasthan.

Dulcimer Tours is one of the Odisha’s leading Tour operator cum holiday Planner since 2014 with its head office at Puri (Odisha) Eastern India.

When we started our company, the idea was to be different and the focus was to realize the rich culture, heritage and their fair & folk festivals , the pure lifestyle of People to this isolated part of India to the rest of world in classic manner. From the beginning till today we have the same passion meeting people from different cultural background.

Though our company is local based, the advantage is personalized service and assure our guests to life time experience the wonderful ethnic world.

Involving the local community with our tour is our first priority to keep sustainable tour . Though our team members from Tribal zone. The different ethnic community also warm welcome our team and our guests to their isolated village in Orissa and our other operational states (Chhattisgarh, Madhyapradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan)

The very name spells quality and highest satisfaction levels. Value, Punctuality, courtesy, professionalism are the keywords to be followed at all times. Thanks to Department of Tourism , Govt. of Odisha (Orissa) to reorganization as an inbound tour operator in the state to us.

Come, let’s travel together & “ Discover the real India” with Dulcimer Tours!!!!!!