Special Tribal Documentary

Special Tribal Documentary ( Photographer Choice) Tour

Tour Code: 139-A/OTTS-2019-20

Duration of Tour: 14Nights/ 15Days (weekend to weekend)

Special Tribal Documentary ( Photographer Choice) Tour
Tour Themes cover: This special tribal tour itinerary has designed exclusive for photographer , which cover colorful ethnic group of Orissa , hiking and tented accommodation at their village, weekly market, Two tribal dance of different community ( Different dancing style then each other- subject to available the drum men) and at the end excursion the  classic coastal village  and many more.

Suggested itinerary:

The below given suggested day to day itinerary we focus weekend- sat. to weekend – Saturday, which save time and also we focus their colorful weekly market.


Upon arrival meet our representative and transfer to hotel, if time permit visit the tribal museum.
Overnight : Hotel at Bhubaneswar

D2-(sun)- Bhubaneswar- Kondh tribal village- camping at Kutia Kondh village ( 6.30hr drive+ visit)

Morning drive towards Kutia Kondh ( tattoo faced ) tribal village enroute visit the Kondh tribal village with their typical house style.
Overnight : camping at Kutia Kondh village*

D3-(mon)-Hiking and documentary Kutia Kondh village( tattoo faced tribe)- camping

Excursion & documentary the Kutia Kondh tribe while hiking in the village.

Overnight: camping at Kutia Kondh village*

D4-(tue)-Kutia Kondh village- Perenga Kondh village ( lush green forest)- Rayagada (5hr drive+visit)

Morning drive from Kutia Kondh village to Perenga Kondh village ( they are living in the jungle but they are best tribal jewelry making artisan , excursion the live traditional demonstration full day at there ) in side of core forest area and then drive towards to Rayagada. Check in a nice clean comfort hotel and relax.
Overnight : hotel at Rayagada.

D5-(wed)-Chtikona-(Dungaria Kondh market)-Kuvi Kondh village- Podagarh- Jeypore (5hr drive+visit)

Morning meet the Colorful Dongaria Tribe at Chtikona ( weekly market). After 2-3 hr at there drive towards to Jeypore and enrote visit colorful kuvi kondh tribal community at Kumbhikota jungle range. then famous Paraja tribe weekly market at Podagarh.

Overnight : hotel at Jeypore.

D6-(thur)-Onkadelly- ( Bonda Tribe market)- Hiking Rana tribe village- Jeypore (4hr drive+visit)

Early Morning drive towards to Onkadelly meet the most colorful Bonda Tribe at their weekly market. After 3-4 hr at there while return back to Jeypore hiking the Rana tribe village and visit the typical house style of rana tribe, worship place and many more.
Overnight: hotel at Jeypore.

D7-(fri)-Boraparaj village- Kunduli market- Mali tribal village- JEYPORE ( 4hr drive+visit)

Morning meet the colorful Bora Paraja tribe ( the tribal female using special ear ring and their upper ear lob turn towards down so an anthropological world , these tribes are very special ) at their typical village. excursion and documentary at their village and then drive towards the grand tribal weekly market at Kunduli (famous for paraja, rana, Mali tribe)

Afternoon visit the Mali Tribal village.

Overnight : Jeypore

 D8-(sat)-Hiking Dhuruba Tribe village- weekly market- Rayagada (5hr drive+visit)

Morning drive to Dhuruba tribal village- Hiking of Dhuruba tribe village and explore their life style  after lunch at the tribal hut (optional)  drive towards their colorful weekly market ( inside of jungle core area) and then drive towards Rayagada

Overnight: hotel at Rayagada .

D9-(sun)-Dokra village- Desia Tribal village – camping  ( 2hr drive+ visit)

Morning drive towards Dokra craft village excursion the live demonstration of Dokra craft. Then drive towards Desia kondh village (on the hill top of Durgi Jungle range) warm welcome by the villagers and then evening enjoy the tribal group dance (subject to available the drum men) during the stay at camping / enjoy the mouth watering dinner prepare by our guide and driver.

Overnight- camping at Desia village

D10-(mon)- Lanjia Saura tribe village- Gunupur (3hr drive+ visit)

Early standup to drive towards Puttasingh region, meet one of the most colorful tribe of our state- The Lanjia Saura ( famous for three things 1- terraces cultivation, 2- typical wearing style- like tail shape , 3- dream painting called “ Idital” and meet the italmar at their village.

Overnight- Gunupur

D11-(tue)- Gunupur- Suddha saura village- Taratarini (5hr drive+ visit)

Morning after breakfast drive towards Taratarini enroute visit the Suddha saura village.at Ganjam forest division.

Very typical houses with natural color.

Overnight- Taratarni (nice ambiance along with river Rushikulya)

D12-(wed)- Taratarini- Joranda- Dhenkanal (5hr drive+ visit)

Early drive towards Dhenkanal / enroute visit the unique textile village (famous for tie and dye) and then afternoon visit the mahima sadhu monastery- enjoy the after noon worship by the supreme sadhus to the god of infinity (best for photography)

Overnight- Dhenkanal

D13-(thur)- Dhenkanal- Konark- Chandanpur (3.30hr drive+ visit)

Drive towards Konark, visit the world famous sun temple at Konark and then drive towards Chandanpur (a vergin destination of orissa) , check in a nice village home retreat – Selani Dingo

Enjoy the mouth watering hygienic dinner along with campfire .

Overnight- An unique village retreat – Selani Dingo

Day14- (Fri) – Village Special- Chandanpur

Early standup and while hiking (2hr) meet the classic Brahmin village, farmer village, artisan village, washer men village, potter making village , coconut picker village etc

Enjoy the continental and classic breakfast in the open garden .

Pm- Bull cart ride  (1hr) to visit the unique villages of farmers and

after that fell the relax of  the herbal oil massage by traditional royal barber (on chargeable basis)

Evening enjoy the classic clay pot chicken by chef / if guest like they may learn the traditional cooking method of orissa.

We can organize the classic odisha- Gotipua dance at our village retreat on chargeable basis.

Overnight- An unique village retreat – Selani Dingo

D15-(sat)- Bhubaneswar ( Departure)

Morning departure for Bhubaneswa airport, board the  flight for your onwards destination.

Note: * we have very good friendly relation at different tribal villages , so we put our camping at the school house ( now even tribal area govt. has been constructed the new school houses and the door key is always with the community leader’s hand) though they well known to our company persons and drivers they friendly welcome to you also when we enter the village and also we believe of sustainable tour so we use the village organic vegetables and chicken for our dinner and also we encourage their culture through community tribal dancing and song. So camping with us is pure safety.

During camping (tented accommodation) we provide you basic tent with clean mattresses, hygienic organic food and mineral water for drink.

Tour concludes:

Description of Orissa tribes 


The Kutia Kandha is a section of the Kandha tribe found in Kandhmal and Kalahandi dist. (south central part) of Orissa. The tribesmen are known for their buffalo sacrifice ritual locally known as “Kedu” to worship their Earth Goddess- “Darni Penu”. They belong to the Proto-Australoid racial stock and shspeak a dialect their own called “Kui”, which belong to Dravidian language family. They worship large number of deities and spirits; the chief among them is Darni Penu, the Earth Goddess worship by the village headman called Majhi & the village priest is called Jani.


Dongria Kondh:

In the remote mountainous wilderness of the Eastern Ghats region of South Orissa lives a fascinating Kuvi-speaking tribe called, the Dongria Kandha. They inhabit the lofty Niyamgiri hillranges in the district of Rayagada. They stand apart fromothers for their famous Meria festival, expertise in horticulture and colourful dress, adornments and life style. For being the denizens of hills, forests and highlands (dongar), their neighbours name them Dongria. Dongria men and women are quite fashionable in their personal adornments, that makes them attractive and distinguish them from others. Dongria men put on a long and narrow piece of loin cloth and women use two pieces of cloth, each 3-4 ft. In length. Both men and women grow long hair. A wooden comb (kokuya) is fixed at the hair knot of men and women which adorns the hair-lock and keeps the hair tight. A tiny knife (pipli) with colourful thread balls at its metal handle, adorns the hair lock of women. Men and women put on aluminum neck rings, beads & coin necklaces (kekodika), finger rings. In addition to that women wear bangles, anklets, toe rings. Both men and women wear earrings and nose-rings.

Desia tribe: very typical people , black browness color curliner hairstyle and very typical houses , they are animist but very friendly.

 Bonda tribe: in the wild and remote mountainous country located towards the south-western tip of the Malkanigiri highlands lives a unique tribal community called- “Bonda”. The tribesmen identify themselves as “Remo” (man). Bonda speak a language of their own that belongs to the Austro- Asiatic (South Mundari) language group. Bonda men are brave and bold. They derive their identity from their arms, such as bow, arrows, long knife which they always carry and sago palm-wine which is their most favorite drink. The Bonda women with their clean-shaven head decorated with head bands of Palmyra strips and plaited fillets of caryota fibber. Mass of colored beads and shell strings, brass neck rings and necklaces hanging down even below the navel and the brass bangles covering the whole of the lower arms are the typical ornamentation of the Bonda Women. A short and narrow strip of striped loin-cloth woven at home by a double-bar tension ed loom covering only the private parts comprises the woman’s wear.

Food during camping  :


Toast, butter, jam, ripe organic banana, boil egg or egg omelet ,black tea or coffee,  pan cake with honey (at your demand/ please say one day before)/ fruit juice


Soup- veg. soup/  chicken soup/  tomato soup / sweet corn soup – any one at your choice

Pakoda- veg. pakoda/ chicken pakoda- any one at your choice

RICE (Boil or fried with cumin or veg. fried rice or egg fried rice – any of one at your choice)

Roti (Indian Bread)

Dal- (Plan or fried- any of one at your choice)

Mix veg.- Different seasonal veg. (fried or boiled – any one at your choice)

Spinach – fry at your choice

One non veg. item – Chicken or fish-  any one at your choice

Black tea/ , coffee- any one at your choice


food in Selani dingo –  village retreat

Breakfast– (630am-9 30am)

Bread Toast, Butter, Jam,

Fresh Seasonal Fruit, Fruit juice ,

oat Pourage , Red Millet Pourage (locally say Mandia Jau),

Yogurt (sweet and normal)

Banana pan cake, with honey

egg (omelet /  boil / half boil/ ) any one of it at your choice

corn flake / Mussali

hot and cold milk,  cheese spreed

Black tea/ coffee (any one at your choice)


Lunch-(12.30hr to 1430hr)

Brown bread (whole wheat floor )- Roti/

Boil Rice

soup (tomatto/, mix veg./ chicken / sweet corn) any one at your choice

Boil potato / sweet potato (any one at your choice)

boil veg.

Evening snacks: (1700hr to 1745hr)

Soup- veg. soup/  chicken soup/  tomato soup / sweet corn soup – any one at your choice

Pakoda- veg. pakoda/ chicken pakoda- any one at your choice


Dinner :(1930 hr to 2100hr)

RICE (Boil or fried with cumin or veg. fried rice or egg fried rice – any of one at your choice)

Roti (Indian Bread)

Dal- (Plan or fried- any of one at your choice)

Mix veg.- Different seasonal veg. (fried or boiled – any one at your choice)

Spinach – fry at your choice

One non veg. special item –clay pot  Chicken or Tawa fish-  any one at your choice

Dessert – One special indian Dessert

Black tea/ , coffee- any one at your choice

Tour concludes:

For the best price please contact with our sales executive : info@dulcimertours.com

24 X 7 what’s app number : 00-91-9439050039


What ever you want out of your trip we can tailor make an itinerary for you!!!!!


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