Special Food Tour in Odisha

Every people have their own food test and many people in this world very curious to know (test) and learn the traditional food cuisine of different destination which indicate the test and culture of that area.
For food lovers odisha is an unique destination, where one can test and learn the classic flavor of different hygienic organic traditional food and dessert .

In this special Food tour in Odisha here we try to recollect some classic food of different destination including tribal area too . So during your tour you enjoy the real mouth watering cooked organic food and if desire learn the traditional technique of classic odisha cuisine by our local village person directly with sightseeing and explore the culture of people.

Tour code: 144/ OFTS- 2021

Duration of tour:11 Day/ 10 night

Destination cover: Bhubaneswar- Satkosia- Dhenkanal- choudwar- Aul- Chandanpur

Suggested tour itinerary:

Day1- Bhubaneswar-

Upon arrival Bhubaneswar airport/ Railway station meet our representative and transfer to hotel .

Pm- visit the very unique snack point where you test the unique snack of our state – Bara and an very unique person – Hari bhai (he use directly his hand to complete hot oil ) and feel the unique test of orissa snack.

Mouth watering dinner at Orissa hotel / where your meal serve traditionally on brass metal utensils.

Overnight- Bhubaneswar.

Day2- Bhubaneswar- Satkosia Kondh village (5hr drive+ visit)

Morning after breakfast drive towards Satkosia jungle / check in a nice jungle eco camp (with attached toilet and bathroom) which it run by kondh tribal lady community .

Learn the tribal food (very testy- chicken backed by jungle leaf and hot charcoal ) in natural ambiance. If desire visit the Jungle safari also .

Overnight – Satkosia eco resort/ tent

Day3- Satkosia- Dhenkanal (4hr drive+ visit)

Morning after breakfast meet the Dokra craft people at Sadeiberani/ check in a nice heritage palace at Dhenkanal /

Pm- Enjoy the mouth watering dinner including Ginger chicken or Jungly chicken at the royal palace with the royal hospitality by the royal family and staff.

Overnight- Dhenkanal

Day4- Dhenkanal- Joranda- Santal village- Choudwar (2.30hr drive+ visit)

Enjoy the royal breakfast at Open garden / drive to Joranda- meet the unique Mahima sadhus at their monastery and excursion their unique worship of infinity and then drive towards core jungle of Kapilash and meet the Santal tribes and enjoy the santal chicken curry with different herbal spices & clay pot rice at their village (at the village chief house) at lunch time .

Pm- after excursion their life style and food culture drive back to Choudwar./ very special dinner with royal hospitality.

Overnight- Choudwar Kiladalijoda Palace

Day5- Munda village- Choudwar (2hr drive+ visit)

Morning learn the special tech. of One of the famous breakfast of our state- Haladipatra pitha (very test full , traditional and hygienic) , orissa omelet , green pea / cheese curry by the royal family.

Meet the munda tribes , excursion their lifestyle and if desire learn the special tech of county side liquor preparation)

Pm- very special fish curry (with mustard seed pest), brown rice , red dal fry , veg. fry and many more

Overnight- Choudwar Kiladalijoda Palace

Day6- Choudwar- Kendrapara- Aul (3hr drive+ visit)

morning after early breakfast drive towards Aul

Aul- is an ancient royal dynesty and now a nice big village with royal palace/ and royal family is very great hospitality and the served food here is very unique and flavor of ancient odisha.

Enroute test the Khir Rasabali at Kendrapara (Khir Rasabali is a very special sweet item made by cottage cheese + wheet flour + milk and sugar + cream+ cardamom+ rose water)

Mouth watering dinner at Aul heritage home stay and very unique traditional food such as tiger prawn curry, mutton rogan juice , jeera rice and many more with desert along with riverside bonfire.

Overnight- Aul

Day7- Bhitarkanika national park- Aul

Morning traditional breakfast at royal dinning hall. If desire visit the Bhitarkanika national park / which is famous for salt water monster crocodile / while boating one can enjoy the trip / or hiking inside the core and meet different flora and fauna or

If not visit the very unique malar village near by and

Enjoy the mouth watering lunch at the palace

Enjoy the very special dinner at there such as traditional mutton curry or chicken curry with different other cooked food.

Overnight- Aul

Day8- Aul-Pahala- Nimapara- Konark- chandrabhaga- Chandanpur (4hr drive+ visit)

Morning after breakfast drive towards Nimapara / enroute test the very special chenapoda (cottage cheese with sugar and cardamom backed traditionally by fire wood charcoal) at Pahala

Enjoy the chenajeelly (very special sweet item made by cottage cheese) at Nimapada.

Visit the world famous sun temple at Konark.

Visit the Chandrabhaga fishermen village and bring fresh sea fish with you for the special fish item at chandanpur.

With different mouthwatering traditional different dinner enjoy the patrapoda fish (fish backed with mustard seed pest covered with banana leaf / very special recipes )along with bon fire at the open garden or dinning hall.

Overnight night – Selanidingo village retreat at Chandanpur

Day9- Puri special- Chandanpur

Morning after breakfast at open garden or dinning hall drive towards Puri (10km) and hiking the classic part of puri.

If desire learn the special lunch and dinner at Selanidingo, Chandanpur from our village chef (the list of food is given below/ accordingly number choice is your)

Day10- Chandanpur

Morning catamaran boating on river “Bhargavi” (with boatman arranged by us)-1 hr and village tour

If desire we can add classic Gotipua group dance (dancers are with traditional dance and musical instrument too)/ traditional full body herbal oil massage by village barber (his ancestor work in royal palace puri)/

If desire learn the special traditional breakfast , lunch and dinner at Selanidingo, Chandanpur from our village chef (the list of food is given below/ accordingly number choice is your)

Day11- Departure

Morning after breakfast check out and departure towards Bhubaneswar airport (45 km/ 1 hr drive ) board the flight for your onwards destination.

List of Delicious traditional food prepared in our village retreat at chandanpur

Breakfast: Including continental breakfast such as (cornflake , hot / cold milk, Mussali with different nuts, oat pourage, cutting raw fruit/ raw fruit- seasonal , seasonal mix real fruit juice, toast bread, brown bread, butter, Peanut butter, fruit jam, honey, egg item – boil or omelet or scrambled )

Here we add also traditional selanidingo special such as

  • Mandia Jau- (Red millet gruel)
  • Amalu (whole wheat flour ,banana, jagir, milk made pan cake)// Idly – (steam rice and black dal cake- no oil, no masala)/ Chakuli- (orissa salty cake)/ Bara (with mix veg) – any one of given list at your choice
  • Gaja Muga
  • Kheer kadali Lasi (milk and banana shake with honey)/ Mix fruit lassi – any one of given Lasi list at your choice
  • Matter tarkari (white peas curry)
  • Tea/ coffee (black ) sugger separate or with milk and masala as your choice


  • Rice (Boil/ fried rice/ brown rice) any one of given Rice item list at your choice
  • Noodles (Hakka/ mixed veg/ Mixed non-veg and veg./ Egg) any one of given Noodles list at your choice
  • Misti Dahi (sweet curd with typical style) // Bhapa Mango Dahi (steamed mango juice and sweet yogurt) / Dahi Baigan (yogurt and bringjal tempered veg. oil with different spcies like whole mustard, red chili, spring leaves ) any one of given Yogurt list at your choice
  • Roti (plan/ masala/ nan/ garlic nan/ butter nan/ Kahli roti/ Paratha/ Allu paratha ) any one of given bread list at your choice
  • Non veg- Soya chicken / chuna machha bhaja (small river fish oil fry with salt and coriander power) – any one of given Non veg. list at your choice
  • Veg. fried- kadali bhaja (raw banana fry)/ allu bhaja (potato fry- orissan style) / bringjal fry/ Spinach fry – any one of given veg. fried list at your choice
  • Tea/ coffee (black ) sugar separate or with milk and masala as your choice on request

Evening snacks:

  • Pokoda- (Veg. -/ chicken / prawn / fish/ Egg/ chili chicken/ stick chicken ) any one of given Pokoda list at your choice
  • Tea/ coffee (black ) sugger separate or with milk and masala as your choice

Dinner Special :

  • Soup (tomato/ mix veg/ lemon coriander/ chicken soup/ sweet corn/ hot and sour/ chicken noodles) any one of given Soup list at your choice
  • Rice (Boil/ fried rice/ brown rice/ jeera rice / Palau/ biriyani- mix,/ veg. biriyani/ chicken biriyani/ mutton biriyani / Khechudi / Kanika ) any one of given Rice item list at your choice
  • Roti (plan/ masala/ nan/ garlic nan/ butter nan/ Kahli roti/ Paratha/ Allu paratha / Puri / green puri ) any one of given Bread list at your choice
  • Dal item- (traditional Dalma/ plan dal/sweet dal/ dal fry/ Dal Navranta/ Dal Tadka) any one of given Dal (lentil) list at your choice
  • Traditional Non veg. (unique bamboo chicken/ mati handi mutton (clay pot lamb)/ clay mutton / Patrapoda chicken / patrapoda machha (sea fish backed with masala covered banana leaf) / patra poda chinduri (prawn backed with mustard pest and different masala covered pumpkin leaf)/ Prawn curry / Prawn fry orissan style / Machha Besara/ Machha Mahura/ Chinguri Mahura / Prawn Dalma) – any one of given non veg. list at your choice
  • Veg. (Santula- mix veg curry traditional style/Mix veg. fry/ veg. and panner curry/ palak panner / Jani posta / Pottala rasa/ Kakharuphula bhaja/ Allu dum ) any one of given veg. list at your choice
  • Badi chura / Baigan – allu bharta/ Sima Rai/ Tomato khata (sweet tomato tempered with oil and different spices)- any one of given list at your choice
  • Tea/ coffee (black ) sugar separate or with milk and masala as your choice on request.

Dessert iteam:

  • Fixed fruit salad with Rabdi / chenapoda (orissa special)/ Manda/ Chandrakanti/ kakara/ arisa/ bhaja manda/ Poda pitha/ Khir sagar / Rasabali/ Golap jammun/ Sita Bhog/ chena jheely – any one of given dessert list at your choice

Note- All above item we can prepare at our chandanpur village retreat (Selanidingo) in traditional method / during your stay if you like to learn and prepare by your own hand (in the instruction of our village chef) with the same traditional method please choice the item and say in advance to our village chef

And also if you have add of your own food item during your stay of our village retreat- selanidingo it will our pleasure to learn that too from you/

Note- here we allow only fish, prawn, chicken, mutton , lamb , egg as in non veg. category / and all local vegetable product what is available in our area with milk and milk product.

Some traditional food we mentioned with odia (our language) if you know the detail cooking process please mail us.