Wildlife Tour in Orissa

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Here in Orissa there are two National park- Similipal (3200 sq km) and Bhitarkanika (672 sq km area, a mangrove forest, core area is 145 sq km) and 19 wildlife sanctuaries. But here the below given suggested itinerary we offer you Satkosia Tikarpada wild life sanctuary (project tiger), Bhitarkanika National park (famous for wild crocodile on nature while boating),chilika Lagoon- ramsar site (famous for Migratory and residence birds on nature), because the density of fauna are more of these places.

Duration of Tour: 7 Night / 8 Days

Suggested Itinerary:


Upon arrival airport / Railway station meet our representative and transfer to hotel. If time permit visit Nandan Kaman- 20km from Bhubaneswar and tiger and lion safari at there (safari last bus has been running up to 1600 hr). Return back to hotel.

D2-Bhubaneswar-Satkosia (Project –Tiger) {5hr drive+Visit}

Drive to Satkosia wild life sanctuary. Upon arrival there check in a nice jungle resort run by local and forest department inside of core area (With proper safety). Afternoon hiking inside the jungle trail guided by govt. Guide (its mandatory). Meet the wild animal on nature.

D3-Satkosia wild life sanctuary

Early morning hiking on jungle trail enjoy the flora and fauna (including different birds on nature) and then drive to Satkosia Gorge and boating in the Mahanadi River. To meet the Magar crocodile on nature. Afternoon again hiking on the jungle pond area to watch the movement of wild animal. *Morning and late afternoon it’s time to movement of the wild animal. So again do the two hiking inside of core area and enjoy the flora and fauna of that area.

D4-Satkosia-Bhitarkanika National Park (5hr drive+Visit)

Morning drive towards Bhitarkanika National Park. Check in a nice resort in buffer zone. Walk around the area to meet different birds on nature. Overnight stay in that resort, if it is cold and cloudless night then enjoys the camp fire with star full night.

D5-Bhitarkanika National Park

Morning meet the wild crocodile on nature while boating on different creeks. Also visit the interpitation centre. Hiking the core area and meet different fauna such as wild boar, spotted deer, jungle fowl, and many different birds. Afternoon again boating on buffer zone. Overnight at the same resort.

D6-Bhitarkanika-chilika Lake (4hr drive+Visit)

Morning proceed chilika lake. Check in a nice resort at Mangalajodi*. Afternoon walk around the natural trail and enjoy the wet land with different migratory and residence birds on nature with very short distance (more or less 20-30 mts).

D7-chilika Lake

Chilika lake: the area is around 1100 sq km. Home of migratory and residence birds and also wild Irrawaddy dolphin on nature. (But which side we mentioned that side is famous for bird’s zone because that area is outer chilika). Morning ride a catamaran boat (with boatman) and meet the migratory and residence birds on nature. Overnight stay pleasantly in that resort.


Morning departure to Bhubaneswar (2hr drive) board the flight / train to your onwards journey.

Tour concludes:

Caution: Try to obey the jungle rule accordingly in order. Respect the nature and enjoy the nature.



Keep mineral water while hiking Walk or drive night time in core area
Keep mosquito repellent Take any arms and weapons
Keep silence Take Crackels and music system
use green or grey colour cloth and cap while hiking. Feed the wild animal, birds and reptile
Keep binocular and camera Disturb the animal, birds and reptile
Keep proper permit and entry document Use plastic polithin
While hiking follow the guide Dive or Swim in the water body

Please flexible during the tour and please follow approved naturalist.

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Satkosia Wildlife Sanctuary

Located in the south- western  part of Anugul district (60km from Anugul; 110km from Dhenkanal; 190 km from Bhubaneswar) of Odisha. The sanctuary is covering an area of 795 sq km which is covering four districts such as Anugul, cuttack, Nayagarh and Baud.

The Satkosia Gorge is a unique feature in geomorphology of India. Here Mahanadi has cut right across the Eastern Ghats and has formed a magnificent gorge(22km) with sylvan beauty and excellent features.

The topography of the region is supports moist deciduous forest, dry deciduous forest and moist peninsular Sal Forest. This area is the home for Tiger, Leopard, Elephant, Gaur, Sambar, Spotted deer, Mouse deer, Nilgai, Chousingha, Sloth bear, Wild dog etc., Varieties of resident and migratory birds, reptilian species( Gharial, Magar, Crocodile, Fresh Water turtle, Poisons & Non poisons snakes etc.)

Best time to visit: Oct. to April (during summer season chances of sighting is more) ; entry gate point ( Pampasara) open from morning 7am for day visit and till 5 pm for accommodation at the resort/ camp of the sanctuary.

Closing of the sanctuary: July-Aug.- Sept. ( During Monsoon)

Nearest airport: Bhubaneswar-190km; Nearest Railway Station: Meramundili-54km, Angul-60km

There are eco cottage and tent in the buffer area of this Wildlife Sanctuary , in Chhotkei, Tikarpara and Puruna Katak area,  there are limited accommodation to avoid the rush please book in advance

Bhitarkanika National Park

Located in the north-eastern part of Kendrapara district of Odisha. The sanctuary is covering an area of 672 sq km and out of that 145 sq km is core area. The topography of the region is mangrove. The major wildlife of the Bhitarkanika National park include salt water crocodile, water monster Lizard, spotted deer, monkey, wild boar,  jungle cat , fox, Jackal, mongoose, fishing cat, hyena etc.

The sanctuary also has a sizable bird population with prominent being 8  different type kingfisher, open bill stork, ibis , cormorants, Darters, water hen, Hupei, Tree pie,  Wood Peckers, Drongos, Egrets, red jungle fowl and Herons.The flora of Bhitarkanika National Park chiefly comprises of Mangrove forest with Hental being the prominent trees.

Nearest airport: Bhubaneswar-150km from Khola entry point; Nearest Railway station: Cuttack-120km, Bhubaneswar-150km

Best time to visit: Oct. to March ( during winter chances of sighting is more) ) entry point ( for boating) for the national park open from morning 7 am to exit time 5 pm at Khola & Gupty Gate.

Closing of the sanctuary: 14May-31 July. & 1jan.-10jan.

Chilika Lake-Birds Sanctuary/ wild Irrawaddy Dolphin

Located in the south-eastern part of Puri district; The sanctuary is covering an area of 1100 sq km.

Place of attraction: satpada ( sight wild Irrawaddy Dolphin while in boating)-58km from Puri; 120km from Bhubaneswar. Boating facilities: Motor Boat available at Satpada, Sipakuda, Mirzapur, Gabakunda    accommodation : OTDC , Hotel at there.

Mangalajodi-sighting of wild migratory and residential bird on nature -100km from Bhubaneswar; 120 km from puri . Boating facilities: catamaran Boat available with hood , binocular, and train bird watching guide with boatman, limited of boating capacity 4+2                              There is  eco cottage and tent at Mangalajodi. Due to limited accommodation, to avoid the rush please book in advance.

Rambha- 140km from Bhubaneswar, 120 km from puri- through chilika lake/ ferry.                    Boating facility: at Rambha, Motor Boat and catamaran boat both available.  Place of attraction : breakfast island, honeymoon island, birds island, fishermen village , farmer village and an ancient temple with pond and ruin palace.

Barkul: 100 km from Bhubaneswar, Boating facilities: Govt. & private Motor Boat available at there. Place of attraction: Kalijai island, Nalaban island, birds island. Accommodation: Govt OTDC Panthniwas available at here.
The topography of the region is supports wetland sandpiper grass and casuarinas Forest. This area is the home for Different Migratory birds and wild Irrawaddy Dolphins with huge amount of brackish water fish, lobster, crabs and many more)

Best time to visit: Sept. to March (during winter season chances of sighting is more)