Dhanuyatra Festival with Tribal Wonder in Orissa

Dhunuyatra Festival at Bargarh – 2024

Date of Celebration: 15th  to 25th  January 2024

Dhanuyatra Festival & Tribal Wonder Orissa

It’s the festival of legendary dramatic story of lord Krishna (from birth to king ceremony) and open air festival between two villages recorded Guinness Book of World Records. (Largest drama pandal in the world). Where two villages are involved in this festival for 11 days. Each day is the different chapter of that legend live story display by the villager.

Location of this festival:
Dhanyu Yatra- Bow Festival location at Bargarh -western part of Odisha( Orissa),

Nearest airport is Raipur (300km). connect with Delhi, Mumbai, Bhopal etc…& Bhubaneswar (340km), connect with Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta, Chennai etc…
Nearest railway station is Bargarh (4km from city center) , main rail head at Sambalpur ( 40km). It connects the all weather motor able road to the major cities of India.
Photography- Allowed
Entry tickets: Free
Tour program- Our suggested itinerary not only the wonderful tribal tressure of odisha but also the most colorful offbeat part of western odisha with the world famous  colorful Dhanuyatra festival at Bargarh make your itinerary more colorful the sure including  beautiful landscape , isolated ethnic village to western and coastal part of orissa and many more…

Tour itinerary / duration: 14 Night / 15 Days (weekend to weekend)- or as your choice

For instant Itinerary please feel free to contact with us / just you send your arrival and departure date rest you leave on us:

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