Buddhist Heritage with Tribal Wonder in Odisha (Orissa)

Tour Code: 105/ ORIB

Them of the Tour:  How animist way of life impressed with the path of “Nirvan”- the peace of life and salvation.

Tibetan monastery at Jiranga - Buddhist Heritage with Tribal Wonder in Odisha (Orissa) Tour
Tibetan monastery at Jiranga

Tour Destination: This tour encapsulates the renowned Dhauli Shanti Stupa along with the Buddhist diamond triangle of Lalitgiri, Udaygiri, and Ratnagiri. Explore the concealed visage of Buddha at Languri, Radhanagar, Bauda, Sonepur, and Bhawanipatna. Uncover the splendor of the Tibetan monastery at Jiranga, home to the largest Buddhist statue in Asia. Immerse yourself in the vibrant tribal cultures of Dunguria, Desia, and the exclusive Aryan tribe in Gunupur, known as the Lanjia Saura.

Tour Duration: 7Night/ 8 Days ( weekend to weekend) which save the time.

Day1- (Sat)-Bhubaneswar- Dhauli Peace Pagoda- Bhubaneswar

Day2-(Sun)-Bhubaneswar- Langudi- Radhanagar- Ratnagiri

Day3-(Mon)-Ratnagiri- Udaygiri- Lalitgiri- Killajodi

Day4-(Tue)-Killajodi- Bauda- Sonepur

Day5-(Wed)-Sonepur- Balangir-Bhawanipatna

Day6-(Thru)-Bhawanipatna- Dunguria Tribal village- Desia Village-Rayagada

Day7-(fri)-Rayagada-Lanjia Saura village- Jiranga( Buddhist Monastry)- Gopalpur

Day8-(Sat)-Gopalpur- Bhubaneswar / departure

Buddhist Heritage with Tribal Wonder in Odisha (Orissa)

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