Colorful MadhyaPradesh


Date on Celebration : : 12th – 19th   March 2022

Tour code no: 305/ MPFS- 2021-22

Place of Celebration : Jhabua & Alirajpur area

Nearest airport: Indore (152Km/ 3.2hr drive) ; Vadodara(Gujarat)- 192KM/3.30hr drive

Nearest Railway station: Meghnagar (18km/ 30min drive) ; Ratlam Rail junction (99km/ 2hr drive)

Attraction of Bhagoria Festival: The meaning of Bhagoria is Eloping & this particular festival celebrate by Bhil / Bhilalal tribe in and around Jhabua & Allirajpur area of western Madhyapradesh and it is a Marriage fair , so young unmarried Bhil tribal community choose their life partner ( from their own community) at this fair. The process of choosing is very colorful and interesting. The young unmarried boys offer betel leaf to the choice unmarried girl , if the girl receive it then marriage would happen …

Tour Duration : Accordingly our suggested program  it has been 2 week program but it may varied accordingly your final choice.

Suggested itinerary:  our Expert team would offer you the best suggested instant itinerary to based upon your final duration of tour based different ethnic villages combine with Bhagoria festival  with affordable price.



The Khajuraho Festival of Dance is a weeklong event held every year in February / March. It attracts the cream of Indian classical dancers who perform amid the temples in the western enclosure. Performances are open-air, with the floodlit temples as a back drop.

NAVRATRI (DUSSEHRA): (7th – 15th Oct 2021 )

The colourful Navratri Dussehra is celebrated both Hindus and non Hindus at Harsidhi temple( one of the great sakti pitha in India.


In late November each year, the Chethiyagiri Vihara Festival attracts hundreds of Buddhist monks and pilgrims to see the relics of two of Buddha’s early disciples, Sari Puttha and Maha Moggallana. The relics, originally discovered in Stupa 3 in 1853, are now kept in the Vihara and brought out for display during the festival.

SIVARATRI MELA: (1st  March  2022)

Every February / March up to 100,000 Shaivite pilgrims, sadhus and adivasis ( tribal) attend the Shivaratri Mela celebrations at Mahadeo Temple, 10km south of Panchmarhi. The Festival commemorates Lord Shiva and participants bring symbolic tridents and plant them on top of nearby Chauragarh hill.


The Khajuraho music festival held on 28th and 29th November every year attract many classic music lovers in the enclosure of western group temples.

Note: each year the date of the festival remain changed ( except Khajuraho Music Festival) for more detail please feel free to contact us in advance.