Tour Code no: DT-202 A -/ CGTW- 2023-24

Tour highlight- Chhattisgarh Tribal tour for photographer special

What we do at the tribal villages: it is not just take photos and back to hotel  we more intimate with the ethnic group to know their daily life ,age old tradition , way of organic food preparation , and try to upgrade their culture through cultural activities through tourism . it is our small try to make smile our ethnic people in this surprising state- Chhattisgarh.

Summery– Chhattisgarh is prosperous with the cultural heritage of most colorful Dandami Maria(Bison horn Maria)  , Jungle Muria, Deer Horn Muria, Banvasi Baiga, Gond , Botra, Halva, Korba tribal group . it is our small try to recollect the real culture and traditional lifestyle of our rich cultural oriented tribes  who maintain and preserve their age old tradition. In this special interest package our guests can excursion their classic lifestyle to meet them at their isolated villages, colorful different weekly markets, their traditional attire, know how they prepare their traditional hygienic food, their folk tribal song, music with musical instruments, group dance at their village ambiance, and their  house making style etc. overall it is the perfect  tribal tour in Chhattisgarh with best value of your package.

The tribal of Chhattisgarh celebrate various festivals throughout the year. Navakhana, Mati Puja, Goncha and Bastar Dusshera are some of the festival what they celebrate.

Photography- allowed with the permission of tribes

Entry fee- No entry fee to visit their villages and weekly markets

Group dance charge– We have very good social and local relation with the tribes and tribal chief so the price doesn’t fix / there is no telephone communication (or very poor tele signal) with their core villages.  so we can organize this program on spot (subject to local condition)- for more detail please contact us- your little payment may preserve and continue an age old culture//and make some body the real smile &  it is life time memorable to feel their culture too.

Which season to go their village– They (tribes)  welcome guests  throughout the year

Road condition: All weather motor able road

Duration of Tour:  9 days /8 nights

Destination cover: Destination cover: Raipur- Kondagaon- Jagadalpur (Bastar)- Sirpur- Sourinarayan- Kawardha and different isolated tribal villages& weekly markets

Suggested Itinerary: (The below given itinerary  is just an idea / it may varies at the interest of guests) 

D1-(sat)- Arrival Raipur (Chhattisgarh )- Deer Horn Muria village/ Photoshoot- Kondagaon (5hr drive+ visit)

Upon arrival in Raipur (morning)/ refresh at railway station and then proceed towards Deer Horn  Muria tribal village in the core of Bastar jungle zone. Meet the most colorful tribal community –Deer Horn  Muria / Photo shoot /with real their real traditional attire

Overnight- Kondagaon

D2-(sun)- Jungle Muria (wild) village- Gutul ghar-/ weekly market -kondagaon (total driving hr- 3hr + visit)

Early start to meet the jungle Muria tribal community at their isolated village in Narayanpur jungle zone / also visit their Gutul ghar (female dormitory) / their Gutul group dance is worth to visit / if desire our guide will arrange on spot (chargeable)/ best photography

Afternoon visit the Muria weekly market in the core of Narayanpur

Overnight- Kondagaon

D3-(Mon)- Dandami Maria (Bishon horn maria ) village-/ weekly market- Jagdalpur (total driving hr- 4hr + visit)

Early start to meet the most colorful Dandami Maria tribes at their very isolated village in Gidam Jungle zone. And if possible enjoy their Bison Horn Group dance with proper costume and traditional music.

Afternoon Visit their colorful weekly market also and enjoy the age old cook (roaster) fight organize by the ethnic group of every weekly market.

Overnight- Jagdalpur

D4-(Tue)- Batra – Dhuruba tribal village-Kanker (5hr drive+ visit)

Morning meet the colorful Batra and Dhuruba Tribe at their village/ their worship place,  nice for photography

Afternoon Raj maria village- best for Photography  & sun set at Chitrakoot waterfall (optional)

Overnight- jagdalpur

D5-(Wed)- Gond tribal village- Siripur ( 7hr drive+ visit)

Early start to meet the Gond tribal community at their isolated village at Keshkal ghat area. / photoshoot

Overnight- Siripur

D6-(Thu)-Ramnami Tribe- sourinarayan  (3hr drive+ visit)

Full day excursion the most interesting Ramnami village/ very few Ramnami ethnic people remain who tattoo their whole body/ very nice for photography

Ramnami tribe– they tattoo whole of their body by mythological name “ rama” to protect from evil eyes. Very nice for photography.

Overnight- sourinarayan

D7-(Fri)-Baiga tribe village/ weekly market- Chilipi  (5hr drive+ visit)

Meet the most colorful Jungle Baiga tribal community at their isolated village and weekly market at mandala jungle zone./ nice for photography

Overnight- Chilipi

D8-(Sat)- Des Baiga  village/ weekly markets – Kawardha  (total driving hr- 3.30hr + visit)

Early start to meet the Des Baiga tribal community at their isolated village in Taragaon  jungle zone / their group dance is worth to see / if desire our guide will arrange on spot(chargeable)/ Full day photography

Overnight- kawardha

D9- (sun)- Kawardha- Raipur / drop at airport/ Railway station  (total driving hr- 3.30hr)

Morning after breakfast check out and departure toward Raipur  airport/ Railway station  for your onward journey.

Tour concludes:

Note- This above given itinerary is just the sample . to keep in mind of your arrival / departure date  and duration of tour our expert team can prepare the best instant tour itinerary for you with real value of money.

please contact our expert for best package price