Heritage Tour in Chhattisgarh

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Tour destination: This tour cover the classic part of Chhatishgarh which cover the ancient temple and cultural part of the state such as: Champaner, Rajim, Raipur, Bharamdeo, Bilaspur, Malhar, Pali, the sakti pitha- Ratanpur( one out of 52), Tala etc. We try to display the real ancient history and culture of the state with our experts.

Duration of Tour: 4 Night/ 5 Days

Suggested itinerary follows

D1-Raipur- Champaner- Rajim-Raipur(4hr drive+visit)

Upon arrival Raipur airport/ railway station meet our representative and transfer to hotel then drive towards Champaner, visit the nice temple at champaner- the birth place of saint Mahaprabhu Vallabhacharya, the founder of Vallaba sect). Pm- visit the Rajiv Lochan group of temple (8th century) at Rajim. Kumbha mela has been celebrated every years during Shiv artry( feb- march) and thousands of people participate the holy deep in the mingling of three river- Mahanadi- son- pairi( popularly called the Prayag of Chhatishgarh).

D2-Raipur-Bharamdeo(4hr drive+visit)

Morning departure for Bharamdeo, ( Bharamdeo has the famous shiva temple of 11century AD, of Naga dynasty king, the erotic temple art of love and prosperty, popularly known as the Khajuraho of Chhatishgarh). afternoon visit the famous temple and then excursion the cherki Mahal , mandua mahal also. Check in the nice resort at there.

D3-Bharamdeo-Bilaspur-Malhar- Pali-Ratanpur-Bilashpur(6hr drive+visit)

Early departure for Bilashpur( the second largest city of chhatishgarh), check in the hotel and then visit the Pali shiva temple ( made by Banna dynasty king- Vikramaditya on 870 BC, and 11th c AD king Jajawalydeo repaired to it., His name carved on the temple. Near the temple has great pond and the entrance of the temple has nine corner. Then visit Malhar , the ancient town of chhatisharh. Visit there the famous Pataleswar temple ( the sanctum is below the ground floor(lord of the netherworld). Then visit one of the famous Sakti pitha of the state- Ratanpur( goddess sati’s shoulder drop at there). Return back to Bilaspur , relax at the hotel.

D4-Bilaspur- Tala- Raipur

Morning departure for Raipur entourte visit the major attraction of three ruin temple ( Deorani, Jethani and Jagmohan temple) but still active by the local due to its mysterious shiva statue – Rudrashiva (it is made of a number of animal and human put together brilliantly in a collage) of Tala. If time permit visit the “ Kankali” temple at Raipur and relax at Budha talab. Overnight at Raipur.

D5-Departure Departure to Airport / Railway station for your onward journey.

Tour concludes:

Hot spot of Chhattisgarh

Duration of Tour:  6Days/ 5 Night


Sirpur is a small village located on the right bank of Mahanadi 83 km to the north-east if Raipur. The Chinese travelller Hiuen Tsang visited Sirpur in 635 AD. Sirpur has archaeological remains associated with Shaiva, Vaishnava, Buddist and Jain Faiths. Excavations at Sirpur have yielded extensive ruins of ancient structures scattered over a vast area. Among the numerious temples and Buddhsit monasteries ( Viharas), the most natable are the Lakshman temple(7th c AD), Gandheswar temple , Anandaprabhu Kutir Vihar and Swastika Vihara and Surang Tila.Every year the chhattishgarh tourism board has been organizing the sirpur dance and Music festival at here.


Known as one of the famous temple towns of Chhattishgarh state (30 km from Raipur). Bhand Deul temple which is dedicated to the Jain sect is the prime attraction of Arang. The appealing traits of Bhand Deul temple in Arang involve outstanding sculptures of Jain tirthankars made up of black stone. Apart from the idols, the entire structure of the temple speaks of sophisticated grandeur of its makers. This shrine is believed to be one of those rare places where all the 24 thirthankars of Jainism can be found engraved in one single stone. Another unique toursm attraction of Arang lies in the Sahaiva temple of Bhag Deul built in the Khajuraho style.


Champaran, formerly known as Champajhar ( 60 km from Raipur). The village is identified with Champaranya and therefore has religious significance as the birthplace of the Saint Mahapradbhu Vallabhacharya, the reformer and founder of the Vallabh sect. also known as Pushtimarg. A temple has been constructed in his honour. Near this is a temple of Champakeshwara Mahadeva.


Bhoramdeo temple is a very old hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and is located at a distance of 18km from Kawardha town. The Bhoramdeo temple is carved on the rocky stones in the Nagara style. This temple was built in the period of 7th to 11th c AD. The shivalinga in the temple is beautifully carved and the artistic appeal beckons the visitors. The Bhoramdeo temple has a resemblance with the sun temple of Konark and The Khajuraho temple, and that is why it is also called the Kajuraho of Chhattisgarh. The ‘ Madwa Mahal” near the Bhoramdeo temple is another beautiful historic monument, worth seeing . just one km away from Bhoramdeo. Other attractions include visiting nearby native village of Baiga tribe, and enjoy their dance in their village ambiance.

Ratnapur (25km north of Bilaspur) is a sacred palace mainly due to Mahamaya Devi temple . this is one of the three Shaktipeeth of Chhattishgarh. It is believed that shoulder of Sati fell at Ratanpur and the area became a shaktipeeth. Ratnadev-1 constructed Mahamaya temple in around 1050 AD. The temple has deal idol of Mahalakshmi and Mahasaraswati in garbhagriha. The idol-duo is unique. A small idol of Mahakali is installed at the back of the temple completing the sacred trio of goddesses. The temple has been a place of tantric practices from ancient time. Rise of the temple has been decorated with symbol of human skull.

Mainpat, (178km from Raigarh) popularly known as shimla of Surguja. Mainpat is the only hilly retreat in Chhattishgarh. Abounding in waterfalls, streams, dense sal forests, medicinal plants and a variety of fauna.After Chinese annexation in 1959 when the Dalai Lama and his followers moved to India, a large population of migrant Tibetans settled here. The Buddhist temple in Mainpat, (the 3rd monastery – Nyingma, which is now the biggest of them) the only one of its kind is one of the area’s major tourist.

(50km from Bilaspur), it is believed that Pali was the worship place of Raja Vikramaditya of Banna Dynasty. There is an ancient Shiv Temple, which is situated at the side of large pond. This temple is faced towards east and its entrance is octagonal. Plinth of this temple is upon five platforms. The architecture of the sculptures carved on this temple is very much similar to the Jain Mandirs of Abu hills and temples of Sohagpur. And it is also very similar to the world famous temple of Khajuraho. Vikramaditya also known as “ Jayameyu”, who was the son of Mahamandaleswar Malldeo, built it nearly in 870 BC. In 11th and 12th century the king Jajwalyadeo repaired it. His name has been carved on the temple.

(85km from Raipur; 30km from Bilaspur), the major attractions at Tala are the ruins fo the three temples- the Deorani, Jethani and Jagmohan temples. The entire three temples are dedicated to Lord Shiva. A unique sculpture was unearthed from around Deorani temple which resemble to the Rudra and the Aghora forms of Shiva called as Rudrashiva. This is a bulky statue which measure 2.54mt in height and is 1m wide. It is made up of number of human and animal figures put together brilliantly in a collage.

Note: including above all colorful tribal heritage of Bastar area in Chhattisgarh is more interesting for more detail please visit our Tribal Tour tag.