Tribal Wonder in Chhattisgarh

Camping In Ethnic Villages Of Chhattisgarh


TOUR DESTINATION: This special tent tour has designed for special interest guests , which cover the culture of Batra, Maria, Raj Maria, Dandami Maria, Muria, Baiga, Yadav and many more ethnic communities with two colorful dance – bison horn dance, gotul dance. Two ancient shiva temple in abode of natural heritage of Chhattisgarh.

DURATION OF TOUR: 7 Night/ 8 Days

D1 – (Sat) – Arrival Visakhapatnam

D2- (Sun) – Visakhapatnam-Kotpad textile village- Jagdalpur Camping in Batra Village-(320 km-7hr drive+ Visit)

D3- (Mon)- Jagadalpur-Dandami Maria (Bison Horn Dance) village – Tirathgarh water fall- camping at Maria village ( 4hr drive+ Visit)

D4- (Tue) – Raj Maria– Chitrakoot waterfall- Konda Gaon – camping at Muria Tribe village / Gotul dance(4hr drive+ Visit)

D5- (Wed)- Muria Tribe village- Keskal-ancient shiva temple- camping at Gond Tribe village ( 4hr drive+ visit)

D6- (Thur) – Kanker- Yadav village-Bharamdeo –Camping at Baiga tribe village(7hr drive+ visit)

D7- (Fri)- Baiga tribe village- Bharamdeo ( ancient shiva temple)- Raipur(4hr drive+ visit)

D8- (Sat)- Raipur- Departure

Note: 1- Tent Tour(camping) at different ethnic villages are really enjoyable and experiment and excursion the real tribal life of this surprising state- Chhattisgarh. In the sense of safety, a woman traveler can visit with us in these area also.
Welcome this part of land and encourage the Responsible Tourism with our team.

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What ever you want out of your trip we can tailor make an itinerary for you!!!!!


What ever you want out of your trip we can tailor make an itinerary for you!!!!

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