Tribal Wonder in Chhattisgarh

Camping In Ethnic Villages Of Chhattisgarh


TOUR DESTINATION: This special tent tour has designed for special interest guests , which cover the culture of Batra, Maria, Raj Maria, Dandami Maria, Muria, Baiga, Yadav and many more ethnic communities with two colorful dance – bison horn dance, gotul dance. Two ancient shiva temple in abode of natural heritage of Chhattisgarh.

DURATION OF TOUR: 7 Night/ 8 Days

D1 – (Sat) – Arrival Visakhapatnam

D2- (Sun) – Visakhapatnam-Kotpad textile village- Jagdalpur Camping in Batra Village-(320 km-7hr drive+ Visit)

D3- (Mon)- Jagadalpur-Dandami Maria (Bison Horn Dance) village – Tirathgarh water fall- camping at Maria village ( 4hr drive+ Visit)

D4- (Tue) – Raj Maria– Chitrakoot waterfall- Konda Gaon – camping at Muria Tribe village / Gotul dance(4hr drive+ Visit)

D5- (Wed)- Muria Tribe village- Keskal-ancient shiva temple- camping at Gond Tribe village ( 4hr drive+ visit)

D6- (Thur) – Kanker- Yadav village-Bharamdeo –Camping at Baiga tribe village(7hr drive+ visit)

D7- (Fri)- Baiga tribe village- Bharamdeo ( ancient shiva temple)- Raipur(4hr drive+ visit)

D8- (Sat)- Raipur- Departure

Note: 1- Tent Tour(camping) at different ethnic villages are really enjoyable and experiment and excursion the real tribal life of this surprising state- Chhattisgarh. In the sense of safety, a woman traveler can visit with us in these area also.
Welcome this part of land and encourage the Responsible Tourism with our team.

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