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Date of Celebration:  3rd Oct.- 9th Oct. 2019

The main festival of Bastar is Dusshera which spans over 75 days. It starts it Haryali Amavasya and involves participation of almost all people of the society. It has been celebrated for hundreds of years. Unlike the rest of India, where Raavan is burnt to mark the victory of good over evil, Bastar ( Jagdalpur)Dusshera involves Functions like Kaachan Gaadi, Jogi Bithai, Maavli Parghav, Bhitar Raini, Baahar Raini, Chariot Procession, and Maiji’s Vidai.

Location : Bastar region now the headquarter is at Jagdalpur .

Nearest airport:  Raipur ( 300 km, 6hr drive), connect with Delhi, Mumbai, Bhopal etc; Visakhapatnam – 320km (6hr drive) which connect Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore etc…

Nearest railway station Jagdalpur (5km). And it connect all weather motareble road .


Code no: 206-B /CGFT


Highlight of Festival:  chariot Procession is the main highlight of this festival and also the different ethnic groups of Bastar region , such as Dandami Maria (Bison Horn) , Muria, Batra, Dhuruba, Gond, Kuhmar , Lohar etc present their real cultural activity beginning from Royal Femily of Bastar palace to the procession ground.

Photography– Allowed

Entry fees: Free

We suggest this festival tour with tribal wonder around 2 week program but as your choice we prepare the instant itinerary more or less days .

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Our suggested Tour itinerary / duration: 2 week  or as your choice

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