Tribal Wonder in Gujarat with colorful Tarnetar Fair

Tour code: DT- 601/ GTFS/ 2018-19

Tarnetar Festival : 2018

Celebration date: 12th – 14th September 2018

Place: Tarnetar , Gujarat state

Nearest airport: Rajkot (74km/ 1.40hr driving distance )

Nearest Railway station: Than Junction (42km/ 1 hr driving distance )

Tarnetar Fair: it is a tribal marriage fair in Gujarat. Different tribal communities gather accordingly the tradition of their culture to choice their life partner such tribes are Rabari, Kolis, Bharwads, Khanti, Kanbis, Charans and Desh- Rabaris etc. they decorate them selves and their bull and horse too with different colorful umbrella. Which is real worth to visit to explore the real tribal life of Gujarat.

Highlight of the Tour: in our special interest tour we add different ethnic group and their isolated villages with this colorful Tarnetar fair. Which our guest rejuvenate their soul and feel the real india with them while return back to their country.

Suggested itinerary: to base in this date our expert team prepare instant itinerary for your flexibility of tour.

Duration of Tour: we prepare instant itinerary to based on 14 Night / 15 Days ( weekend and weekend) with colorful tarnetar tribal marriage fair, with different ethnic villages but the duration of tour may varied accordingly your final choice.



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