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RAJIM KUMBHA MELA: (31st January- 14th Feb 2018)

Rajim kumbha is the grand festival, which has been celebrated at Rajim (three holy rivers the Mahanadi, the son and the pair mingling point, popularly known as the Prayag of Chhattisgarh) with thousands of devotees lots of saints and Naga sadhus participate the holy deep of the festival.

Location : Rajim is cultural capital of Chhattisgarh,

Nearest airport– Raipur ( 40km)

Code no: 206-A /CGFT

Tour itinerary / duration: 15 Days/ 14 Night (weekend to weekend)

Here we use some fix departure in based of tribal tour and colourful Rajim Kumbha festival of Chhattisgarh, and also to keep in mind the distance and sighting of this tour we mentioned here some particular day and date in order.

Rajim Kumbha Mela

Rajim Kumbha Mela

Suggested Itinerary:

D1-(Sat)- 3rd  Feb -2018 – Arrival at Raipur airport – transfer to hotel.RAJIM KUMBHA MELA

D2-(sun)-4th Feb.- Raipur- Tala Rudra shiva- Malhar- Bilaspur

3-(Mon)-5th Feb.- Ramnami tribe- Bilaspur

D4-(Tue)-6th Feb.- Bilaspur-kanker

 D5-(Wed)-7th Feb.-kanker- Udkuda- Pre-historic rock art site in core jungle area- Kanker.

D6-(Thu)-8th Feb.- Bastar Market- Muria tribal village- Gotul dance- Jagadalpur

 D7-(Fri)-9th Feb.- Jagdalpur-Dandami maria village ( Bison horn dance) the grand market of Maria tribas- Tirathgarh waterfall- Jagdalpur

D8-(Sat)-10th Feb.- Kondagaon- iron casting village- Gond tribal village- Kanker

D9-(Sun)- 11th Feb.- kanker- Barnawapara wildlife sanctuary

D10-(Mon)-12th Feb- Barnawapara wild life sanctuary – morning and afternoon open jeep safari

D11-(Tue)- 13th  Feb-Barnawapara – siripur budhist site- Arang- Rajim Kumbha Mela site– Raipur

D12-(Wed)-14th  Feb.- – shivaratri special Darshan again RAJIM KUMBHA FESTIVAL– Raipur

D13-(Thu)- 15th  Feb.- Raipur- Yadav village- Bharamdeo jungle resort

D14-(Fri)-16th Feb-Bharamdeo- isolated Baiga tribal village/ Baiga dance- weekly market-Bharamdeo

D15-(Sat)-17th Feb.- Bharamdeo- Raipur (3.30hr drive) Departure to Raipur airport for your onward destination.

Tour concludes:

We can combine this Rajim Kumbha Mela fair in Chhattisgarh with Joranda sadhu festival in Orissa, for more detail please feel free to contact with us.

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BASTAR DUSSHERA: (25th September-  1st  October 2017)

The main festival of Bastar is Dusshera which spans over 75 days. It starts it Haryali Amavasya and involves participation of almost all people of the society. It has been celebrated for hundreds of years. Unlike the rest of India, where Raavan is burnt to mark the victory of good over evil, Bastar ( Jagdalpur)Dusshera involves Functions like Kaachan Gaadi, Jogi Bithai, Maavli Parghav, Bhitar Raini, Baahar Raini, Chariot Procession, and Maiji’s Vidai.

Location : Bastar region now the headquarter is at Jagdalpur .

Nearest airport:  Raipur ( 300 km, 6hr drive), connect with Delhi, Mumbai, Bhopal etc; Visakhapatnam – 320km (6hr drive) which connect Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore etc…

Nearest railway station Jagdalpur (5km). And it connect all weather motareble road .

Code no: 206-B /CGFT

Tour itinerary / duration: 14 Night / 15 Days ( weekend to weekend)

Here we use some fix departure in based of tribal tour and Bastar Dashara festival of Chhattisgarh, and also to keep in mind the distance and sighting of this tour we mentioned here some particular day and date in order.

Suggested Itinerary:

D1-(Sat)- 23rd September 2017- -Arrival Raipur airport transfer to hotel.

D2-(sun)-24th Sept..–Raipur- Yadav Village- Bharamdeo (3.30hr drive+ visit)

D3-(Mon)- 25th Sept-Heritage walk at Bharamdeo-full day excursion Isolated  Baiga village- Bharamdeo (3hr drive+ visit)

D4-(Tue)-26th Sept.-Bharamdeo- Kanker (5.30hr drive+ visit)

 D5-(Wed)- 27th Sept-Kanker- Udkuda- Kanker ( maha saptmi ritural by Royal family of Kanker)-2hr drive+ visit

D6-(Thu)- 28th Sept-Kanker- Muria Village- Gotul dance – Sathi Kumarpara (3.30hr drive+ visit)

D7-(Fri)- 29th Sept-Sathi- Kumarpara- Jagdalpur (Bastar Dusshera festival at Jagdalpur)( 2.30hr drive + visit)

D8-(Sat)- 30th Sept-RajMaria village- Weekly market- chitrakoot waterfall- Bastar Dusshera festival at Jagdalpur)

D9-(Sun)- 1st Oct- Dandami Maria Village- Tirathgarh waterfall- weekly Market- ( Bastar Dusshera festival)- (3.30hr drive+ visit)

D10-(Mon)- 2nd Oct- Kondagaon- Lohar village- Gond village- Keshkal Ghat – Kanker (4hr drive+ visit)

D11-(Tue)- 3rd Oct-Kanker- Rajim – siripur- Barnawapara wildlife sanctuary (5.30hr drive+ visit) 

D12-(Wed)- 4th Oct-Barnawapara wildlife sanctuary / safari ( by open jeep)

D13-(Thu)- 5th Oct- Morning breakfast at sand bar of river- Tala- Malhar- Bilaspur (4.30hr drive+ visit) 

D14-(Fri)- 6th  Oct.-Drive toward Ramnami Tribal village / excursion – Bilaspur (4.30hr drive+ visit)

D15-(Sat)- 22nd Oct.2017-Morning drive toward Raipur (3hr) and board the afternoon flight for your onwards journey

Tour concludes

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Duration of Tour:- 15Days/ 14 Night


Gonncha is yet another festival of Bastar. There is chariot procession in the city. Tupki’s made by Tribals and pengs acquired by them for the same can be heard everywhere in the city (Jagdalpur). Locals and tribals get together to celebrate the festival.

HOLI : ( 13 March, 2017)

The colourful festival of Holi is celebrated with a zest. At midnight, the main priest of goddess Dnateshwari and the present king – Maharaja of Bastar along with his procession dressed up in the royal attire leave for Madpal for “Holika Dahan”. It is only after Maharaja lits the Holika Dahan at Madpal . A sight to witness where in the Maharaja sits on the wooden chariot made by the tribes and pulled by them. Dry colours are played, sweets are distributed and people go to each others houses to wish them.


Mandai’s are yet another colourful festivals of the tribals celebrated on different days in different villages. Bastar King is invited to offer prayers to the village deity.

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