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We are specialized in inbound and domestic package tour with experienced and specialized tourism related team. We focus to Odisha / Chhattisgarh / Madhyapradesh states of India. The attractions of our programmes are remote and isolated. Which is certainly gives the different test to you (our guests). Those guests who are interest to visit the real India, such as: unique village tour, tribal tour with special interest itinerary, tent tour in isolated village of tribal area, cultural and classic tour , unique wildlife safari and bird watching tour, eco tour, hidden face of Buddha in Orissa/ Chhattisgarh/ Madhyapradesh. We focus also special colorful festival in our program.Guest may chose to visit the above individual state’s or combine with each other state we offer the special programme for them (accordingly their time and budget). We have involved the local tourism interested people (tribal dancer& music men, local craftsmen, weaver, metal craftsmen, farmers, terracotta worker, classical dancers, traditional marshal art person with us ) and encourage the responsible tourism.

Due to personalized service, we welcome to our guest but in a small group (Max. 12 pax. per group).

Come and journey with us, explore and experience this part of culture & heritage and encourage the sustainable trip.

We are the only tour operator who has introduced the tent tour ( camping) in different tribal villages of Odisha and Chhattisgarh for special interest guest and also organize the tribal dance program at their village during tribal tours ( it’s purely safety even for woman traveler also). Hiking of different isolated village & weekly market also.

Grow and Let Grow to Others Through Tourism.



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